12101 Lockhart Lane
Raleigh, NC 27614


Ph.D.  Engineering Science, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute  1987
M.S.    Health Physics/Environmental Toxicology, Purdue University  1980
B.S.    Environmental Health, Purdue University  1978

Registered Consultant No. S000436 - North Carolina Division of Radiation Protection




1999 Facilitator of the Year Award - North Carolina Wesleyan College

1999 International Facilitator of the Year Award - Regis University


Radiation Safety and Radiation Biology (over fifty 8-hour and 40-hour courses)

Risk Management Planning

Occupational Safety and Health


1998-Present - Earnshaw Environmental, Inc.

President - Earnshaw Environmental specializes in environmental regulatory compliance, radiation protection, and environmental assessment.  In addition, the firm develops technical training seminars and courses in the areas of radiation safety and dose assessment, risk management, and environmental analysis.

1996-1998 - Geophex, Ltd.

General Manager - Responsible for project management, corporate strategy, and marketing development for a 50-person engineering and environmental consulting firm.  In addition, serve as  Program Manager of the Environmental Compliance Division and Corporate Health and Safety Director.  Prepare proposals, develop budgets, and manage complex projects.  Provide radiation safety officer training for clients in private industry, government, and national laboratories.

1989 - 1996 - Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc.

Licensing Director - Responsible for the planning and direction of a $40 million site characterization study and the preparation of two 10,000-page license applications, environmental reports, and permits as required by the National Environmental Policy Act for the North Carolina Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility.  Supervised scientists, engineers, and researchers responsible for technical studies and risk assessments.  Prepared annual budget projections and work package proposals to obtain funding for site studies, laboratory testing, and license development.  Advised client on policies related to federal, state, and local governmental positions.  Served as technical leader in all licensing studies related to radiation protection, environmental analysis, and risk assessment. Ensured compliance with environmental permits and served as technical liaison with state and local regulatory agencies, the press, and public interest groups.

1988 - 1989 - Illinois Department of Nuclear Safety, Springfield, Illinois

Assistant Manager, Office of Environmental Safety (OES) - Served as manager of OES division chiefs responsible for environmental safety programs.  Assisted in the planning, development, organization and direction of a major statewide environmental safety program.  Assisted the Manager, OES, in fiscal management, personnel management, budget analysis and preparation, and program development.  Served as project manager for the assessment, remediation, and closure of the Sheffield Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Facility and acted as state liaison and coordinator of the Sheffield Citizens Advisory Group.  Served as expert consultant to the Illinois Governor, Department Director, OES Manager and other agency personnel on complex environmental and radiation safety policy issues.  Addressed public and private groups, legislative committees, members of the press, and other concerned individuals regarding programmatic issues. 

1982 - 1988 - Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory,  General Electric Co., Schenectady, New York

Health Physicist, Technical Improvements - Provided managerial and technical support to external and internal dosimetry operations, radiation calibration facility, and In-Vivo monitoring group.  Researched and tested state-of-the-art personnel dosimetry systems and provided recommendations for Department of Energy testing.  Managed radiation calibration facility, serving support functions in instrument evaluation and calibration testing.  Conducted evaluations and prepared technical specifications and procurement requests for stack monitoring system and uranium and plutonium personnel detection systems.

Engineer, Process Chemistry and Hazardous Waste Disposal - Managed Site Hazardous Waste Disposal Program and Site Sewage Treatment Facility.  Supervised and trained waste handling and sewage treatment plant personnel.  Interacted with state and federal inspection personnel and performed federally required training of hazardous waste personnel.  Prepared Site waste disposal contracts and supervised all hazardous waste shipments.  Acted as engineering consultant to Radioactive Waste Disposal Operations for mixed radioactive/ hazardous waste characterization.  Served as environmental engineer for Knolls Site Emergency Control Center (5 years).

Engineer/Physicist, Radiological and Environmental Analysis - Technical responsibility for Site Radiological Environmental Monitoring Program.  Performed environmental sample collection, calibration of environmental monitoring equipment, and analysis of all Site airborne, liquid, and solid effluent data.  Performed environmental dose assessment and pathway analysis of site effluents. Prepared Site semi-annual radioactive waste and environmental monitoring data reports.  Performed research in alternate cooling methods for semiconductor detection systems and designed a monitoring system for use in undersea environments.  Acted as radiation safety officer and scientific observer aboard the deep submersible research vehicle, ALVIN, during a deep sea environmental monitoring expedition.

1980 - 1982 - Evaluation Research Corporation, Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Health Physicist - Performed on-site tour of all U.S. DOE and Commercial radioactive waste shallow land burial facilities and evaluated their remedial action programs.  Developed criteria for applying remedial actions at low-level radioactive waste shallow land burial facilities.  Designed and conducted decommissioning surveys at contaminated sites.  Performed a variety of environmental impact assessments for the EPA and NRC.  Organized speakers and prepared proceedings of a DOE international conference on waste management.

1977 - 1980 - Purdue University, School of Pharmacy

Research Assistant - Performed Masters Degree research on the effects of vanadium on mammalian systems.  Conducted graduate level lectures in environmental toxicology and prepared lectures, laboratory experiments and exams for undergraduate botany classes.  Served as research assistant in inhalation toxicology and aquatic field studies.  Responsible for airborne, liquid, and TLD environmental monitoring of the University Breeder and Nuclear Test Reactors. 


Adjunct Professor, North Carolina Wesleyan College, Adult Degree Programs

Adjunct Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University, Department of Nuclear Engineering

Jeff Kizer Award Recipient - Outstanding Environmental Health Student, Purdue University

Dale Carnegie Course - Human Relations and Effective Presentation - Presented Highest Award for Achievement

Member of ANSI Standards Committee on Environmental Monitoring

Instructor and Certified Black Belt-World Tae Kwon Do Federation

Participant in Marathons and Triathlons


Groundwater Protection Professionals of North Carolina

American Health Physics Society

North Carolina Health Physics Society


Jacobs, D.G., L.E. Boing, K.R. Earnshaw, J.S. Epler, 1980, An Environmental Assessment for the Decommissioning of the Space Radiation Effects Laboratory, Evaluation Research Corporation, Oak Ridge, TN

Earnshaw, K.R., et al., 1981, Lack of Effect of Vanadyl Trichloride on Hepatic Drug Metabolism in the Rat, in Pharmacological Research Communications, Vol. 13, No 4, pp. 323-330 (Masters Thesis)

Rose, R.R., K.R. Earnshaw, P.S. Dickens, D.G. Jacobs, 1981, Experience in Applying Remedial Actions at Shallow Land Burial Facilities, Final Draft, for the National Low-Level Waste Management Program, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 

Jacobs, D.G., J.S. Epler, L.E. Boing, K.R. Earnshaw, 1981, Evaluation of Docket Files for Terminated By-Product Material Licenses. Prepared for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN

Evaluation Research Corporation, Acted as Project Leader, 1982, History of Disposal of Radioactive Waste into the Ground at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Prepared for Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, ORNL/CF-82/202

Jacobs, D.G., K.R. Earnshaw, R.R.Rose, 1982, A Review of Remedial Actions Applied at Shallow Land Burial Facilities, presented at proceedings of the Third Annual Information Meeting, New Orleans, LA, DOE Low-Level Waste Management Program

Evaluation Research Corporation, Acted as Project Leader, 1982, Characterization of Contaminated Nuclear Sites, Facilities and Materials (Radiopharmaceutical and Radioisotope Manufacturers and Suppliers), Prepared for the Environmental Protection Agency

Earnshaw, K.R., 1983, Evaluation of State-Of-The-Art Detection Systems for In-Vivo Lung Monitoring of Uranium and Plutonium, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Earnshaw, K,R., 1985, Evaluation of Room Temperature Semiconductor Gamma-Ray Detection Systems, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/Canberra Industries

Earnshaw, K,R., 1985, Report on Solid Cryogens for Detector Cooling, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/Canberra Industries

Earnshaw, K.R. 1986, Comparative Analysis of AEA and RCRA Regulations on Mixed Hazardous/Radioactive Wastes, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Earnshaw, K.R., 1986, Investigation and Evaluation of State-of- the-Art Personnel Dosimetry Systems, Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory

Earnshaw, K.R., 1987, High Purity Germanium Detector Operation at Elevated Temperatures using a Solid Melting Cryogen, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute/ Canberra Industries

Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc., 1991, Served as Project Director.  Site Characterization Plans for Wake/Chatham and Richmond Potentially Suitable Sites

Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc., 1993, Served as Project Director.  Site Characterization Reports for Wake/Chatham and Richmond Potentially Suitable Sites

Chem- Nuclear Systems, Inc., 1993, Served as Project Director.  Environmental Impact Analyses for North Carolina Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Project

Chem-Nuclear Systems, Inc., 1993, Served as Project Director.  License Application for North Carolina Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal Project

Geophex, Ltd., 1997, Acted as Project Manager.  Project Work Plans for Assessing Contaminated Sites at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia

Geophex, Ltd., 1997, Acted as Project Manager.  Risk Management Program Work Plan and Hazard Analysis for Robins Air Force Base, Georgia

Geophex, Ltd., 1998, Acted as Project Manager.  RCRA Part B Hazardous Waste Permit Application for Robins Air Force Base, Georgia

Geophex, Ltd., 1998, Acted as Program Manager.  Environmental Baseline Survey (EBS) and Environmental Assessment (EA) for Housing Privatization Project at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia

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