Partial List of Clients

Humboldt Scientific, Inc.
LAW Engineering and Environmental Services, Inc.
Indianapolis Power and Light Company
Engineering Consulting Services, Ltd.
URS Greiner Woodward Clyde
Wangner Systems Corporation
North Carolina Wesleyan College
Empire Industries
Cargill, Inc.
The American Coal Company
North Carolina State University
Geophex, Ltd.
Geophysical Specialties, Ltd.
Protze Engineering Consultants, Ltd.
Eastern Testing Services, Inc.
MK Ferguson, Inc.
Barton College
Kurz Transfer Products
The American Coal Company
Cargill, Inc.
Empire Industries, Inc.
FMC Corporation
Geschmay Corporation
Federal Mogul Sealing Systems
University of Mobile
Carrier Corporation
Northeast Utilities System
Virginia Geotechnical Services
City of Pompano Beach, FL
IBS of America
University of California at Berkeley
Excalibur Associates
Dominion Terminal
Agfa Corporation
Continental Tire

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